Operation: KILLMEISTER 1st trailer!


Our FIRST and NEW game is on the way! Physical release on NeoGeo AES & MVS around Spring 2023, followed by a physical release on Nintendo Switch!


199X. A little town in France.
A time where phone booths still existed. A time where no one would have thought to wander through the streets wearing a mask, except on Halloween… well, nobody celebrated Halloween back then in France anyway.

In those times of savagery, three teenagers shared common passions which matched their biological needs : beer, heavy metal, and above all gaming. On their last day of high school, the three friends made a mutual oath : wherever their studies might lead them to, whatever their professional path could be, they would one day reunite again and make something together around video games.

And that day came in 2022. For more than 20 years, they had taken different paths, worked hard in different fields, fallen a hundred times, but each time got back on their feet. They even had to suffer the reign supreme of hip-hop on music. Yet, they survived, kept the faith and when they turned 40, they all said wisely : “Now we don’t wanna be pissed off anymore and do what really inspires us” (exact quotation). Kimera is the result of their life-long passion and the ambition of giving long-lasting emotions to gamers worldwide. Kimera is made of sweat, good laughs and strong friendship. Kimera is an echo of ancient times that do not want to die.

No pain no game, dive into Kimera’s world !


We are an international independent video game studio with a focus on retrogaming.
David Fortier
Co-founder, Project Lead & Programming

David has more than 15 years experience in concepting software and managing development teams. He worked in highly competitive industries from medical imaging to AR/VR and therefore acquired various skills in the field of IT and programming. A few years ago, a haunting feeling began to emerge…why wouldn’t he turn his lust for collecting retro video games into a new professional challenge? This idea was so naturally obvious that he started to reunite old friends sharing the same enthusiasm and, luckily, they had the necessary complementary skills to make that dream come true. Since then, his mission is to fulfill his destiny in retro gaming in order to bring back the spirit of the 90’s. As we say in Kimera’s triumvirate: no pain no game!

Antoine Moulinier
Co-founder, Scenario & Game Design

Whether in China or France, Antoine worked in various areas, randomly driven by unexpected opportunities most of the time. Thus, he became a teacher, a translator, a redactor... and even a chiropractor ! (No, that's not true, it was just for the rime). Besides, Antoine likes nothing more than reading books and watching movies. And in the middle of this thrilling life, he even finds the time to play videogames. Therefore, when David asked him to write scenarios, his daily grind suddenly lit up like a Christmas Tree. As a matter of fact, Kimera Gamesoft is the perfect gift for a fortysomething fan of retrogaming who has not recovered yet from the 1990s. His main mission : surprise gamers with crazy scenarios and creative gameplays.

Aurelien Bonnarme
Co-founder, Quality Assurance & Logistics

Rugby, wine, and video games are his 3 passions. After years of having practiced his favorite sport, and having marketed the favorite beverages of Bacchus, there was only one thing missing from this entrepreneur at heart: being involved in the creation of a video game on NeoGeo, his dream console! Luckily, the ship steered by his childhood friend David stopped at his front door to bring him to a new adventure: KIMERA GAMESOFT! Its main missions will be to ensure games production quality as well as logistics.

Yann Gendreau
Lead Pixel Artist

Yann was raised in a family of artists, musicians and writers. Around eight years old, he was passionate about arts, and wanted to become a comic book author like his idols Gotlib, Uderzo and Franquin. So he began working on his first drawings, reproducing illustrations of his favorite video games : Cloud Master, Kung Fu Kid and Psycho Fox. He discovered computer graphics in high school with David, and learned compositing with Photoshop and modeling with 3DS Max. Seventeen, he dived into the video world thanks to a friend of the family who lent him an S-VHS camcorder. With his little brother Arnaud, he shot small ultra-broke genre films with stunning special effects, based on cardboard, fishing lines and mammoth firecrackers. Today, he is working as the lead Pixel Artist for Kimera GameSoft. He is eight years old again.

Andy Gardner
Music Producer, SFX Artist

Music Producer and Composer with 15+ years experience, graduated in the University of Essex in 2008 with an HND Diploma in Music Production. Has worked as an assistant producer and recording engineer for recording studios and as a freelance music producer and mixing engineer for diverse clients | 7+ years experience in graphic design and creative director in diverse branding and advertising client projects.



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